Regulations for diploma theses and diploma exam process for fields of study    

Topics for diploma examination for degree of Bachelor of Science Engineer

Topics for diploma examination for degree of Master


The file containing the Diploma Card format should be opened for reading and saved under the name of the student. Please do not change the style, font size and format of the document, dates entered in the form. Please write the text in normal font, without any distinctions.
The promoter sends the completed diploma card in an electronic form, saved only in the Microsoft Word format to the following address: marta.weber@put.poznan.pl

Updating the List of Promoters and information related to the selection of a Promoter - please contact to: agnieszka.klemczak@put.poznan.pl

Ready-made title cards of theses should be collected at the Dean's Office.




MASTER'S THESIS - 2021/2022


Choice of the promoter of engineering thesis:

  • The Choice of a promoter for the first degree of studies takes place in the semester preceding the internship
  • According to the rules adopted at the Faculty of Engineering Management, engineering theses prepared by student teams are preferred
  • The team should consist of 2 to 4 people but an individual thesis is possible
  • Engineering theses take the form of team projects. The topic should be embedded in a specific institution and valorize the knowledge gained during the first degree studies
  • The team prepares one joint thesis in which the individual contribution of each team member is determined
  • The promoter may be an employee with a PhD degree
  • The team contacts the potential promoter personally, agrees on the scope and subject of the thesis
  • The selection of the promoter (from the list) and the composition of the team is done by the eKursy platform
  • List of promoters for engineering diploma theses - students of semester 6 (exam in the academic year 2021/2022)


Choice of the Master's thesis promoter:

  • According to the Regulations for the Performance of Diploma Theses, the choice of a supervisor for the master's thesis should be made no later than by the end of the semester preceding the last semester of studies
  • The scope of the supervisor's scientific interests and the subject matter of the diploma thesis should be consistent with the direction and path of elective studies on which the student is studying
  • Promoters may be independent research workers (PhD with habilitation)
  • Promoters for a field of study shall be designated by the Head of the Education Committee for a field of study
  • The student contacts the potential supervisor in person, agrees on the scope and subject of the thesis
  • The identification of the promoter (from the list) is carried out by the eKursy platform
  • List of promoters for master thesis - students of semester 1 MEF and LS (exam in the academic year 2021/2022)

The diploma thesis should include an analysis of the innovation of the solutions developed

In connection with the Faculty of Management Engineering and the Poznań University of Technology strategy and to increase attention for the intellectual value and innovation, as well as the possibility of commercialization, beginning from 2021, an analysis of the innovativeness of developed solutions should be included in the diploma theses.

Support materials:

1. Presentation
2. A proposal for the layout of the content of the sub-chapter dealing with the innovativeness of developed solutions
This content may take a different form. However, separately, appropriate considerations should be included in the thesis, also in the case of a lack of product/process innovation in the diploma thesis.
- an example of a description of the potential
- example of potential_neg description

Do not hesitate to contact me with any questions:
Ph.D., D.SC.,Eng. Marcin Butlewski, University Professor, Vice-Dean for International Cooperation and the Business Environment
e-mail: marcin.butlewski@put.poznan.pl, tel. 61 665 33 77


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