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Regulations for diploma theses and diploma exam process for fields of study

Topics for diploma examination for degree of Bachelor of Science Engineer

Topics for diploma examination for degree of Master

Engineering diploma thesis card

The file containing the Diploma Card format should be opened for reading and saved under the name of the student. Please do not change the style, font size and format of the document, dates entered in the form. Please write the text in normal font, without any distinctions.
The promoter sends the completed diploma card in an electronic form, saved only in the Microsoft Word format to the following address:

Updating the List of Promoters and information related to the selection of a Promoter - please contact to:

Ready-made title cards of theses should be collected at the Dean's Office.


Choice of the promoter of engineering thesis:

  • The team contacts with potential promoter, agrees on the scope and subject of the thesis
  • According to the rules adopted at the Faculty of Engineering Management, engineering theses prepared by student teams are preferred.The team should consist of 2 to 4 people
  • It is possible to write an individual diploma thesis
  • The team prepares one common thesis, in which the individual contribution of each team member is determined
  • Promoter can be an employee with a PhD degree
  • The selection of promoter (from list) and members of team is done by eKursy platform

List of engineering theses promoters – defence 2023/2024.

Choice of the Master's thesis promoter:

  • The scope of the supervisor's scientific interests and the subject matter of the diploma thesis should be consistent with the direction and path of elective studies on which the student is studying
  • Promoters may be independent research workers (PhD with habilitation) – or PhD who conducts master thesis under the supervision of independent research worker (according to the list)
  • The identification of the promoter (from the list) is carried out by the eKursy platform
  • Students will contact in person with potential promoter, agree the scope and topic of diploma thesis.

The seminar topic and scope of lecturer’s researches can be find in file: List of master thesis promoters LS/MEF full-time studies - exam in the academic year 2023/2024.

In the lecturer’s profile on website you will find lecturer’s duty hours and information about research interests. Moreover, please look at, here you have information about topics of diploma theses, which were conducted by lecturer in previous years.

Updating the List of Promoters and information related to the selection of a Promoter - please contact to:

Please visit the website of the Festival of Internships and Diploma Theses: