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Information related to suspension of classes


Dear Students of the Faculty of Engineering Management,

In connection with the suspension of classes during the period from March 12 to April 3, 2020 I am sending you organizational and technical information that will allow you to maintain the continuity of processes related to your education.



1. Communication


PUT buildings are closed to people other than employees, which means that the main communication channel is an e-mail (employees of both administrative and research and teaching staff are obliged to immediately respond to your e-mails), and in the case of the dean's office by e-mail and by phone:


Karolina Andrzejewska, MA (email: karolina.andrzejewska@put.poznan.pl, phone: 61-665-34-35)


Personal consultations with employees (including promoters) are impossible..



2. Official letters, certificates, validity of an ID card.


Due to the inability to submit an application / letter to the dean's office in person, we recommend:


1) refrain from submitting letters that are not required until suspension of teaching activities,


2) applications that require consideration in the near future should be sent (with a handwritten signature) in the form of a scan by e-mail; the answer will be sent the same way,


3) urgent letters that are required in the original (e.g. to other offices, regarding social affairs, embassies, migration offices) please send by traditional mail or throw them in a brown box at the entrance to the WAWIZ building; considered / signed letters will be sent by post,


4) the validity of the ID card is extended in accordance with yesterday's ordinance of the minister: "Electronic student IDs, whose validity was confirmed in the first semester of the 2019/2020 academic year, shall remain valid until May 31, 2020.



3. Diploma exams


The diploma exams scheduled for March will not take place. People who have uploaded their work scheduled will be able to proceed without defense in the first half of April. Diplomats who have a deadline by 31 March should ensure that such upload occurs on time. Uploading work to the server and accepting the work by the promoter in the anti-plagiarism system is smooth. Physically, diploma documents must be provided after resuming classes and agreeing on a diploma exam date with the promoter. People who want to apply for an extension of the deadline for submitting work are asked to send a scan application + promoter opinion via e-mail. After resuming the classes, provide the original document with the supervisor's opinion. Due to the current situation, being late uploading by April 3 does not require an extension request.



4. Outstanding credits


Overdue credits, which were to take place this week, will be carried out in a distance form - contact the lecturer immediately for this purpose. Due to the above, the deadline for the teacher to enter the marks from the amendment is moved to 15.03.



5. Scholarships


Scholarship decisions will be sent by ZCO by post, no scholarship payment deadline is anticipated at this time (this information does not concern the foreign students.) // In case of the deadline for apllications of scholarships for foreign students please do contact the International Office or Ms. Karolina Andrzejewska: karolina.andrzejewska@put.poznan.pl



6. Current activities


We ensure continuity of classes through distance learning, i.e. the Moodle PP platform, e-mail, instant messengers, telephones, etc. Each employee will choose the best form and provide the group with information via e-mail (please follow the email @ student.put.poznan.pl). We will make sure that when you return there is no accumulation of classes, so now we will partially shift the involvement in lectures, classes and projects to later allow you to catch up on the laboratories.




For other matters not mentioned above, please contact the dean's office or contact me directly.



I would like to kindly ask you to disseminate information among colleagues of the FEM students.




Assoc. Prof. Agnieszka Misztal, D.Sc. Eng.

(email: Agnieszka.Misztal@put.poznan.pl)

Vice Dean for Education

Faculty of Engineering Management