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Visit od Ambassador of Australia


On 09.01.2019 Poznan University of Technology hosted the Australian Ambassador in Poland Paul WOJCIECHOWSKI and a business advisor to Central Europe Anthony Weymouth, secretary of the Commercial Counselor Bożena ŚWIERBUTOWICZ - Business Development Manager. Poznan University of Technology was represented by the Vice-Rector for Science Prof. Dr. Joanna JOZEFOWSKA, Dean of the Faculty of Management Engineering, Dr. Magdalena WYRWICKA, project manager Prof. Dr. Stefan TRZCIELIŃSKI together with PhD students and academic staff who participated in the NAWA program “Cooperation of PUT – UTS as an acceleration of scientific development”.


The purpose of the meeting was to present the tasks carried out as part of the project entitled: International scholarship exchange for PhD students and academic staff (contract number POWR.03.03.00-00-PN13/18) which was carried out between 25.11-07.12.2018, at the University of Technology Sydney.



The participants of the project were a total of 20 PhD students and academic staff of: Engineering Management, Electronics and Telecommunications, Chemical Technology and Technical Physics.


PhD students and academic staff participated in different activities organized on University of Technology, Sydney (UTS):

  • tour of DataArena - The UTS Data Arena is a 360-degree interactive data visualisation facility set to change the way people view and interact with data. Viewers stand in the middle of a large cylindrical screen, four metres high and ten metres in diameter. A high performance computer graphics system drives six 3D-stereo video projectors, edge-blended to create a seamless three-dimensional panorama;
  • Tour of ProtoSpace - is a 900m² additive and advanced manufacturing facility, offering industry partners, academics and students access to cutting-edge 3D technologies, software and technical expertise;
  • workshop on 'Systems thinking and engineering management – during PhD students analysed factors influencing the preparation of the doctoral dissertation, the direction of their impact and feedback loops;



  • workshop on 'Practical guide to systematic literature reviews – participants of the project had possibilities to learn how to do the overview of the literature in the subject of their interest using web sources and establish research gap to write good quality paper;
  • Last Island Game Activity – based on analyzing social, economic, ecological and technological effects in the process of making business decisions;
  • seminar on 'Five technologies that are supposed to change our lives....really?'- during the lecture PhD students and academic staff had possibilities to learn about: autonomous cars, blockchain transaction, virtual reality, smart city, Digital Living Lab;
  • Doctoral workshop – Life after graduation: student presentations and discussion academic staff from UTS presented their experiences regarding factors supporting and disrupting scientific development at the stage of preparing the doctoral dissertation.
  • presentation 'Data visualisation' – during workshop practical issues of preparing the presentation of research results were presented so that they could be convined for the listeners;
  • CAMGIS presentation & workshop on 'How to publish in high quality journals' – during the workshop issues concerning the development and application of innovative research related to the application of information technology in the field of geographic information (GIS), remote sensing, observation of the Earth, management of natural disasters and management of terrestrial resources were presented. In the second part of the meeting there was a presentation on how to publish articles in high-ranking magazines;
  • PERSWADE research presentation – during the lecture the subject of sustainable development and related controversy were presented;
  • PUT – overview and research directions – during presentations prof. Stefan Trzcieliński and dr inż. Marek Michalski (WEiT) presented Poznan University of Technology, faculties’ of study, research directions and possibilities about further cooperation’s with UTS;
  • ACIS2018 doctorial consortium - during consortium team members composed of PhD students from different countries, universities, scientific disciplines and research interests exchanged views on predetermined research problems;
  • ACIS2018 Conference - 29th Australasian Conference on Information Systems.


At the turn of August and September 2019, 20 participants from the UTS will come to PUT. They will take part in a series of dedicated events and conference: The 9th International Conference on Life Cycle Management: more: http://www.lcm2019.org.


Project PROM - International exchange of PhD students and academic staff is financed with use of European Social Found in frame of Operational Program Knowledge Education Development, project non-competitive project titled: International scholarship exchange for PhD students and academic staff, contract number POWR.03.03.00-00-PN13 / 18.