The Centre of Engineering Promotion is one of the most prestigious and resilient organizations in Poznań University of Technology. Its origins date back to 1996 when the first Labour Fair was organized in our university.


We are a group of active, creative people who like difficult challenge. Our success is based on common effort which we put into work on project activities.


We are involved in:

  • promotion of students and graduates from Poznań University of Technology;
  • facilitation of contact with employers;
  • organization of labour fairs;
  • realization of promotion programme of Poznań University of Technology in secondary schools;
  • organization of enterprises’ presentations in Poznań University of Technology;
  • participation in national and international conferences;
  • invitation of international guests;
  • participation in projects of the European Students of Industrial Engineering and Management;


We are members of the European Students of Industrial Engineering and Management (ESTIEM). The membership allows students to establish contacts with students who study at similar courses in the whole Europe and participate in conferences, workshops and meetings organized by the ESTIEM.


Tutor: :  Krzysztof Jakubiak, M. Sc., Eng.


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