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The project The acceleration method of development of transversal competences in the student’s practical training process was started on the 1st October 2015, and it’s going to be realized by 31st August 2018. The project is supported by Erasmus+ Programme.


The objectives

The ambition is to elaborate and implement innovative method supporting acceleration of development of students’ transversal competences by the more effective use of practical training methods.

The research shows, that the students’ transversal competences are wanted by the entrepreneurs all over the world, also those chosen in the project: entrepreneurship, creativity, communicativeness and team work. Each of the students should possess them after graduating the studies. Elaborated method will help universities to respond faster and more accurate to the needs of labour market, also to develop courses and match teaching plan to the labour market needs.  


The tasks

The following tasks will be elaborated and achieved:

-         Elaboration of the report concerning used teaching methods of transversal competences and methods of practical training;

-         Designing and conducting the research concerning transversal competences required by entrepreneurs;

-         Elaboration of the dependence matrix of practical training methods and methods of teaching transversal competences;

-         Designing the process models of developing transversal competences in practical training teaching process;

-         Testing, implementing and conducting a research of the references models of acquiring transversal competences, which are most important for entrepreneurs, with the use of selected practical training methods;

-         Elaboration of the characteristic with the most effective education process for rapid development of transversal competences among the students;

-         Elaboration and dissemination of the final version of teaching transversal competences in practical training method.


International cooperation

The project is lead in cooperation with 8 entities form 4 countries. Poznan University of Technology (Poland) is the Leader of the project. The following universities are taking part in this project: Centria University of Applied Sciences (Finland), Matej Bel University Banska Bystrica (Slovakia), Czestochowa University of Technology (Poland); University of Maribor – Faculty of Economics and Business (Slovenia), Wroclaw University of Economics (Poland), also entities form the business environment: the Federation of Education in Jokilaaksot – JEDU (Finland) and Western Chamber of Commerce in Gorzow Wielkopolski (Poland). International cooperation initiated in the project will help to spread information about the project results.


Technical Knowledge Accelerator® initiative

The subject of the project is part of activities which were initiated at The Poznan University of Technology in 2006 by Phd MsC Eng. Maciej Szafrański i Phd MsC Eng. Marek Goliński. The objective of these activities is accelerate to acquire knowledge and skills especially by future and young employees in enterprises. This initiative is called Technical Knowledge Accelerator®. (www.awt.org.pl).


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