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Students in Free Enterprise






We are a group of students who actively participate in university activities and also outside it by working together on projects which aims are to:

  • stimulate people to actions,
  • develop characteristics evoking active attitudes,
  • develop abilities essential in functioning of free-market reality,
  • propagate economic knowledge and right attitudes in business;



Thanks to our projects we help other people and gain experience ourselves, learn abilities which are crucial in future work and daily lives.



Our scientific group is an intercollegiate institution. Therefore, there are not only students from Poznań University of Technology but also students who study Physics and Applied Computer Science at Adam Mickiewicz University. Nevertheless, most of us are students in Management courses.



Tutors: Arkadiusz Borowiec, Ph.D., Eng. and Grzegorz Dahlke, Ph.D., Eng.



More information: http://www.sife.put.poznan.pl.