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We are a team of people interested in acquiring and developing management skills, simultaneously establishing contact with top consulting firms. The Association of Future Consultants and Managers “Cognitis” demonstrates reliable work habits, encourages creative thinking, and makes sustainable development and fun.



What do we do?

Since October 2005 we have been organizing events, trainings, discussion panels and workshops. We act professionally taking advantage of our youth and energy. The association is the originator and organizer of such projects as:

  • Catch Consulting (former name Day with Consulting; since the academic year 2007/2008 it has included such projects as Day with Audit, Day with Strategy, Day with IT and Day with Law);
  • CITYzens of Finance;
  • co-originator of Tax Forum;
  • co-organizer of Economic Knowledge Competition;



How do we work?

In the Association of Future Consultants and Managers Cognitis we are opened to everyone, who showing attitudes propagated by the association, wants to develop their own skills and widespread them. As the organization we do not pay attention to the age or study course of the members. The association has a specified structure – we work in permanent specialized teams where specific tasks and duties are allocated to everyone. We do not like working just anyhow and knowingly we create our future striving for perfection. We develop a high self-esteem and try to apply the rules of the Association of Future Consultants and Managers “Cognitis” for our daily life.



Tutor: Katarzyna Ragin-Skorecka, Ph.D., Eng.



More information: http://www.cognitis.org.pl.