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XXX International Seminar of Ergonomics

The Jubilee - 30th International Seminar of Ergonomics was held in Tarnow (Poland) from 9th to 11th May 2017. The Seminar was organized by:

  • Polish Ergonomics Society, Poznan Branch and Tarnow Branch
  • Poznan University of Technology, Faculty of Engineering Management
  • Malopolska Higher School of Economics
  • Polish Academy of Sciences, Poznan Branch, Committee on Ergonomics

This conference  was endorsed by the Federation of the European Ergonomics Societies and the International Ergonomics Association.

The 30th Seminar referred to the problems which were mentioned in the previous meetings, but this year the common theme was “Ergonomics and safety in lifelong human activity”. This approach concerns diverse issues of ergonomics and safety, not limited to professional activity. It shows an interdisciplinary character of contemporary issues in science which require simultaneous actions in diverse directions to create a synergistic effect that will help to solve the undertaken issues, both theoretical and practical.

Some data about seminar:

  • more than 110 participants,
  • 13 countries - from Bulgaria, France, Germany, Great Britain, Hungary, Japan, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Slovakia, Slovenia, Sri Lanka, Turkey
  • 4 keynote speakers in plenary sessions,
  • over 50 presenters in 8 section sessions and poster session,
  • workshops,
  • a round table: IEA (International Ergonomics Association), FEES (Federation of the European Ergonomics Societies) and Polish Ergonomics Society.


More information : www.iset.poznan.pl.






24th International Conference on Production Research

Dear Sirs and Ladies,


Faculty of Management University of Technology acting under the authority of the International Foundation for Production Research (IFPR) is honored to invite you to participate in


24th International Conference on Production Research,


which will be held between 30.07.2017r and 3.08.2017 in Poznan.

International Foundation for Production Research (IFPR) is widely respected non - profit scientific organization founded in 1971. The first conference in the International Conference on Production Research series was held in 1971 in Birmingham (UK). Since then ICPR conferences are held every two years alternately in Europe, Asia and the Americas.

By the decision of the International Foundation for Production Research from 2013 organization of the International Conference on Production Research in 2017 was entrusted to the Faculty of Engineering Management of Poznan University of Technology. Thus, the conference for the first time will be organized in Poland.

Believing that this conference will contribute to worldwide promoting of the achievements of Polish science, as well as the city of Poznan, Wielkopolska region and the whole country we kindly invite you to participate in the 24th International Conference on Production Research.

Detailed information about the conference are available at the conference website: http://www.24icpr2017.put.poznan.pl/

With best regards,

President of the Organizational Committee

Chair od Production Management and Logsitics

Dr hab. inż. Marek Fertsch, prof. nadzw.PP




on Systemy zabezpieczenia społecznego wobec wyzwań demograficznych, ekonomicznych oraz technologicznych. Social Security Systems in the Light of Demographic, Economic and Technological Challenges organized on 23 September 2017 in Poznan.


The purpose of the conference is to assess the impact of demographic, economic and technological processes on the operation of social security systems (especially: pension schemes, healthcare systems and long-term care for the elderly) in different countries.

 The conference is interdisciplinary and it is addressed to both the representatives of social sciences, humanities and technical sciences, and to practitioners.


Submitted articles (after recieving a positive review) are going to be published in Scientific Journals of Poznan University of Technology "Organization and Management" (articles in Polish or English) - 10 points according to the list published by the Ministry of Science and Higher Education, and also in the magazine titled „Rozprawy Ubezpieczeniowe. Konsument na rynku usług finansowych” (articles in English) - 7 points according to the list published by the Ministry of Science and Higher Education.


On 22 Spetember the participants of the conference will also have an opportunity to participate in a seminar on the European Network for Research on Supplementary Pensions 2017 for free.

Both scientific events are organized by the Chair of Economic Sciences at the Faculty of Engineering Management Poznan University of Technology.

To register, please complete the application form (download here) and send it by e-mail to mke2017@put.poznan.pl

For more information please visit our website:



dr hab. Marek Szczepański, prof. PP

Chairman of the Organizing Committee