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The Faculty of Engineering Management placed in the centre of Poznań at 11 Strzelecka Street continues traditions and good practices of industrial and management organization initiated before the 2nd World War by such Polish engineers as: Karol Adamiecki, Piotr Drzewiecki, Edwin Hauswald and Zygmunt Rytel.



Organization and management teaching in Poznań University of Technology has started in the fifties of the last century (Chair of Economics and Industry Organization at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering) while the course of Management Studies has been offered for 40 years.  



The establisher of the present Faculty of Engineering Management – the Institute of Organization and Management formed in 1970 – functioned as an interfaculty unit of Poznań University of Technology for about 20 years. All graduates finished study being well-equipped with knowledge in the field of economics of industry and building, work organization, economics and work law. Probably these qualifications were the reason of the existence of numerous groups of managers-engineers (with technical education) in the last century in Poland.



In the nineties of the last century the course “Organization and Management” at the Faculty of Engineering Management was changed into “Management and Marketing” following the guidelines of ministry. After Polish accession into the European Union and accepting three levels of study the former courses were converted to the following three courses: Management, Logistics and Safety Engineering.



We are proud of the activities performed by our students in scientific groups which traditions date back to the seventies of the last century.



18 editions of Labour Fairs in Poznań University of Technology, the Forum of Young Logistics organized together with the Poznań School of Logistics since 2005, the Tournament in Management and Engineering Skills (TIMES) also organized annually in Poznań by the European Students of Industrial Engineering and Management (ESTIEM), to which a scientific group called the Centre of Engineering Promotion belongs to, are a few examples of students’ activities in the courses of Management, Logistics and Safety Engineering.